March 10, 2011

About WoN

WoN's Mission Statement    

The Web of Narcissism (WoN) is a volunteer organization assisting recovery from narcissistic relationships. We do not advocate specific therapeutic treatments, nor recovery plans. We allow each person the dignity of finding their own path aided by the encouragement and camaraderie of fellow survivors. As an organization, we:

1) offer psychological information about unhealthy relationships and the dangers of untreated psychopathology; 

2) extend validation to those who have suffered as a result of pathological relationships;

3) facilitate integration of both cognitive and emotional intelligence towards self-regulation and the restoration of personal integrity.

As an organization, we intend to:

fill a void in people's lives; support professional therapists and counselors; foster a healing environment that is anonymous, tolerant, and devoted to a long-term recovery process; educate people about red flags and warning signs.

As individuals, we intend to:

heal our lives and pay it forward by supporting peers who intend to do the same; admit our mistakes and challenge ourselves to do better; move from victim to survivor to thriver; restore personal power by accepting reality, make wiser choices, and take responsibility for our lives.

As a collective, we intend to:

respect each person's right to make decisions for themselves; support those who choose to stay or leave the narcissistic relationship; practice good faith principles for a growth-fostering community; encourage honesty, integrity, tolerance and respect. 

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