December 10, 2011

1959 Sleeping Beauty

When I was about fewer than ten years old, this sumptuous movie played in our local theatre and I’ll never ever forget it! What a treat to find it on the web all these years later. I have embedded the video below but if you want to see a larger version in a custom-made Victorian theater, visit The WoN Cinema website:
Click Here to see: Sleeping Beauty
(1 hour fifteen minutes)

From Wikipedia: “...the film has sustained a strong following and is today hailed as one of the best animated features ever made, thanks to its stylized designs by painter Eyvind Earle who also was the art director for the movie, its lush music score and its large-format widescreen and stereophonic sound presentation.

"Sleeping Beauty's successful reissues have made it the second most successful film released in 1959, second to Ben-Hur, with a lifetime gross of $51.6 million. When adjusted for ticket price inflation, the domestic total gross comes out to $478.22 million, placing it in the top 30 of adjusted films.”

(NOTE: There are a few 'glitches' in the beginning of the film and towards the end of part one when the screen goes dark. Remain patient---the movie will pick back up in a few seconds.) 

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